Hadean is my mother tongue


Hadean Is My Mother Tongue is the title of the 11th annual Glottogeology conference, organised in collaboration with The International Glottogeology Society. Glottogeology is a new discipline dedicated to the study of the relationship between landscape, language and body over very long time frames.

This year the call for papers proposes to continue exploring the deep relationship between language and landscape. The aim of the conference this year is to predict and articulate the next imminent linguistic mutation due to the emerging landscapes in the global south that are infused with unprecedented agro-chemical toxicity.

Glottogeology is an emerging discipline dealing with the simultaneous emergence of language, landscape and the body. This interdisciplinary field draws from linguistics, geology, evolutionary biology and other fields to understand how language and the earth have evolved and continue to change in tandem. Recent research in Glottogeology examines the materiality of language, the vestigial aspects of voice, and the impact of environmental changes on language and its evolution.

Glottogeology's contribution to the field of linguistics has been the expansion of the notion of language to a more than human self-aware entity. Glottogeology considers language as the third simultaneous outcome of an eruption that also produced the landscape and the body. In Glottogeology language includes forms of primitive intra-molecular negotiations, contemporary intermolecular desires, silent organisational synergies, cracking of bones and other anatomical sounds both inside and outside the body like batting of eyelids, the sub-vocal reading voice, hiccups, chewing gum vowelics. It also includes all the aspects of language that are related to other non-human species and in-organic substances that are present on the Earth at the moment or future mutants and even the extinct substances. Glottogeology is not interested in the study of communication as it is only concerned with the fundamental aspects of language, not applied ones. The work of Glottogeologists is to propose linguistic paradigms that are capable of influencing geological change and mutant bodies.


  • The International Glottogeology Society